tia+walter: the ceremony

The forecast was rain, however, we all held our breath, hoping  the weather person was wrong. Twenty minutes before the ceremony was to begin, the sky opened up and released a week’s full of rain. Ms. Jesse, being the professional coordinator that she is, didn’t miss a beat. Plan B was in full effect! The staff at The Emerald Grande,  as well as the rest of us made the necessary adjustments, and God made His entrance…a magical blessing ensued. This was one of the loveliest occasions that I have ever attended! Congratulations  Walter and Tia! You two are definitely special. I knew it  from the first day we met and it was reinforced during the engagement session..thank you for allowing me to be a part of this day and the entire process..Special thanks to the entire staff at The Emerald Grande #EGWeddings
Here are a few previews of a glorious day

destn_pensacola_fortwaltonbeach_florida_wedding_portrait_lifestyle_lee-11.jpg destn_pensacola_fortwaltonbeach_florida_wedding_portrait_lifestyle_lee-6.jpg

I EMBODY™ a jewelry line founded by ludgina dieujuste

florida_lifestyle_portrait_beach_photographer_danny_dillard_photography-27.jpgI had a chance to spend some time with Jewelry designer, Ludgina Dieujuste. Ludgina is the founder of “I EMBODY™, a line of inspirational jewelry designed especially for women. We spent some time doing a shoot before the launch of her website for her jewelry line.

  • Where are you from?

I was born in Jamaica, Queens New York. My family is from Haiti. We still have a lot of family in Haiti.

  • Are you married? Do you have Children?

Yes, I’m married to a wonderful man and we have two fabulous children. My angels are 5 and 22 months.

  • What are some of your hobbies?

I enjoy traveling to new places near and far. Learning about and experiencing different cultures, people and food. Spending time doing fun and different activities with my family; while enjoying each and every single day to the

  • What inspired you to start your business?

I woke up one night from a vision that I had. The words “I Embody” came to mind and I got up and just started sketching pendants using words that would help celebrate women of all ages all over the world. Being able to celebrate women inspired me as well as the idea of one day being able to help people all over the world. God has placed everything that I’ve needed in my path…he gave me the vision and has never let me go during this whole process.

  • What were/are some challenges in your business?

Finding the right manufacturers is not easy from afar. Not being able to be close to manufacturers while working on designs and relaying all information through e-mails and phone calls can be quite challenging.

  •  Who is a person that you look up to or inspires you?

Not really a particular person but selfless individuals who follow their dreams, are successful and give to those who are less fortunate. It can be difficult to follow your dreams and goals; it definitely takes a special type of person. Individuals who make it happen and have a great story to tell inspire me.

  • . What is the next step for you business wise?

Continuing to design pendants that celebrate women and eventually young girls. As well as unique styles of Athletic wear (sport bras) from “I Embody” to continue to celebrate women while they train their bodies to do great things.

  •  .Any advice for entrepreneurs?

Keep working hard!

Checkout Ludgina’s jewelry line, www.i-embody.com



scott+mandy+callie too

Lovely session with a lovely family. Scott, Mandy and Callie were a lot of fun to hang out with. This session took place on their property,on which they will soon build their dream home!

tracey brown “art of the business” | mentoring workshop | atlanta

Finally! It happened! I got to meet and be mentored by my favorite wedding photographer! She’s a rock star in my eyes! No, it’s not who you may be thinking of.  It’s Tracey Brown, owner of Tracey Brown Photography. I had one of 8 seats offered by Tracey’s mentoring workshop twice a year. I got to meet 7 other like minded, awesome photographers with the same vision. It was like we had known each other for years. Tracey’s approach to business and photography was so easy to comprehend. Her principles went down smooth for me like a chilled glass of the finest merlot.  As an added bonus, I also got to meet and work with Atlanta’s hottest makeup artist Toni Acey of Atlanta’s Housewives, and Black Girls Rock fame. Thank you Tracey , Toni, Rhonda (featured model)  and all my new photog friends!

florida_wedding_and_lifestyle _photographer_danny_dillard (1 of 15) florida_wedding_photographer_danny_dillard (1 of 4)florida_wedding_and_lifestyle _photographer_danny_dillard (5 of 15) florida_wedding_and_lifestyle _photographer_danny_dillard (6 of 15)2013-11-02_0007.jpg

felix + carmen + kameron

When Felix and Carmen contacted me  about photographing their maternity session, I was honored. To capture something so special as their first pregnancy was truly a privilege. Good thing we didn’t’ wait too long. Kameron was born the next morning after the last photo was taken. Thanks for letting me be a part of this magical time.
2013-10-19_0007.jpg 2013-10-19_0009.jpg

Allrich Lifestyle session


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We have been very busy in the past two months at Danny Dillard Photography. We’ve experienced a myriad of events, from booking several weddings and lifestyle session, to the passing of my beloved mother in law, Essie Ruggs (R.I.P. We love you dearly!)

Choosing a highlight for this newsletter was quite difficult.

I chose the Allrich family. I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing them recently. They were a bit concerned when it came to my instructing them during this session, but that concern was unnecessary because they were champs!

Natasha and Jacques are entrepreneurs in the Atlanta area. They specialize in small business development and internet marketing. They are a one beautiful family.


A Day In The Life Of Dad

Looking for something original to do for Father’s day this year? Why not follow him around with a camera for a day shoot “A Day in the Life of Dad’? This is another form of photography that tells a story and journals what Dad is like today and what makes him so special. Take a picture of Dad working out in the morning, eating his Wheaties for breakfast, and going to work. You can even go to his job and take pictures of him at his desk, in the field or doing whatever it is he does best. Then capture his after work nap, his playtime with the kids, mowing the lawn and his feet kicked up on the end of the La-Z-Boy recliner when the day is almost done. Recored his day thorugh a series of pictures then put them in a book, creat a video slideshow or frame a few of your favorites. This is the type of gift that will be great now, but will be priceless in 10, 20 and even 40 years from now

Dani D.

There are not many times when I meet another person with my same initials, or  same nick name “Danny D”, but  I had the pleasure of working with NHS senior Danielle D. or “Dani D”.  Danielle is a great model!  She is a  natural, if you will!  We had a great mini-session and captured some great images! She is a track, volleyball, and basketball player and a stellar student! When I arrived for the session, she was doing homework!  She immediately shifted  into model mode and created some great images!

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Welcome to my blog! I must say, after much resistance, I’ve finally  decided that this is a great addition to the Danny Dillard Photography brand! First, Big SHOUT OUT to JR customization for helping with the “New Look”! Loving it!!

Blogging is new for me and I hope to become better and better at it  as time goes on. In the meantime, please excuse my mistakes as I make the journey through the blogosphere.

For those who don’t know me, I’m Danny. I’m a Lifestyle, Wedding, Portrait and Event photographer in N.W. Florida. I have a beautiful wife, (who I’m sure will appear on this blog many times), three fantastic children, who range in age from 18 to 25, and four grand-children,  who live int the great North-Western, USA. I spent 20 years serving this nation in the United States Air Force, and I am now a proud military retiree!

I began my photography journey at the age of 10 years old, when my Uncle Dale took photos of me, a baseball card, and one of my sneakers, and developed a multiple exposure of the three images. I was hooked! I knew that was something I wanted to do!  A few years later my mother purchased a camera for me. Off I went! It was a Vivitar 110 film camera. Later I purchased a Canon rangefinder, then eventually I began using SLRs. I built a darkroom in a closet in my bedroom and spent many, many, many hours there honing my skills! I come from a long line of artist: my mother, father, uncles, aunts, and sons.  Our family is very much into the arts,  on every platform. From acting to music, sketching, to producing full length films and music videos, they cover it all.

As you can see, I have a TREMENDOUS PASSION for photography! I have a business partner in my wedding photography venture, Sharondipity Photography. Check out her work! She’s a fabulous artist! www.sharondipityphotography.com  Sharon is also a Getty Artist. Our styles are very similar insomuch, that, at times, we have a difficulty distinguishing which photos were shot by who!

Please enjoy this blog. Visit often and if you’re ever in the Fort Walton Beach / Destin, Florida area,  look me up!