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I love well tailored suits, fine shoes, elegant timepieces and Merlot
I’m a Law and Order junkie, Prince and the S.O.S. Band are my favs, But I am  also Depeche Mode and Tears for Fears superfan. (Actually, pretty much anything 80’s).  I also love smooth jazz

I will rock some Lakeside and Cameo when I’m in the mood

I got my first camera around the age of 10

I love my wife

My children were cool kids, and now they are very cool adults

I tried photographing everything but people are my favorite

I love to photograph weddings! They’re exciting. I always cry, even when I’m
shooting them!

I LOVE Ray Ban glasses! They fit me the best



You can contact me by email: info@ddillardphotography.com, phone: 850.496.5050