The Hills Family

“Classy, fun , loving and amiable” are ways I would describe the Hills Family (don’t forget the “s”).

This Lifestyle session was one to remember. We HAD A BLAST!!!! Rob, Wanda, Ashley, and Ryan were a great family to work with.

We finally got this session done despite traffic jams and lost composure from laughter. I try to make our sessions enjoyable and fun, but I this family entertained me as much as I tried to entertain them! They were so open and enjoyable.

Very active in their local community and their church, they are a stellar example engaged citizens that are adding to the well being of their city.

It was an honor to photograph them!

A Day In The Life Of Dad

Looking for something original to do for Father’s day this year? Why not follow him around with a camera for a day shoot “A Day in the Life of Dad’? This is another form of photography that tells a story and journals what Dad is like today and what makes him so special. Take a picture of Dad working out in the morning, eating his Wheaties for breakfast, and going to work. You can even go to his job and take pictures of him at his desk, in the field or doing whatever it is he does best. Then capture his after work nap, his playtime with the kids, mowing the lawn and his feet kicked up on the end of the La-Z-Boy recliner when the day is almost done. Recored his day thorugh a series of pictures then put them in a book, creat a video slideshow or frame a few of your favorites. This is the type of gift that will be great now, but will be priceless in 10, 20 and even 40 years from now

Jenny and Justin: Sheer Elegance

Spring time brings out the best in us. It’s the perfect time to unite two lovers in sublime union. Despite the balmy temperatures of Springtime in Florida, Justin and Jenny special day was as enjoyable as an ice-cold glass of grandma’s lemonade. Freinds and family gathered to watch these two unite in Holy Matrimony. I was glad to be apart of such a grand event!